Don Eduardo Taylor founded La Fundadora in 1887 in Alto Lino, Boquete, Panamá. The finca is surrounded by two all-year-long streams. Papa Lalo channeled some of the water to flow under the beneficio enabling us to process coffee using the washed method.


La Fundadora is a 28 hectares finca overlooking the valley of Boquete at an altitude beween 1250m and 1500m. It is located close to the entrance of the Pianista trail.


Papa Lalo imported and installed a coffee pulper from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1912. German Taylor worked relentlessly to restore this equipment to working order. After many years, it is now fully functional and allows us to process micro lots of coffee.


The washed coffee is placed on drying racks under the sun. Our team turns the coffee several times a day to ensure a uniform drying process. These racks are retracted every night and during inclement weather to protect the coffee from the elements.